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Where parents come together for learning and support

The Parenting Center at Abington
A safe and nurturing place
where parents learn about emotionally healthy parenting and make connections with other parents

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The Parenting Center at Abington is designed to strengthen families by providing parents with the support and education that help them gain the principles, knowledge and skills essential for raising children in today’s world.

In all of our programs, parents learn the skills of authoritative parenting, which research has shown to be most effective in creating an environment and a parent/child relationship that encourages healthy emotional growth in children.

Our programs include:
    •     Parent/Child Activities

    •     Discussion/Support Groups

    •     Educational Workshops

    •     News and Views Newsletter

    •     Lending Library

    •     Personal Parenting Coaching

Because children acquire many of the abilities to be successful academically, socially and personally from the people who are most intensely involved with them, the Parental control at The Parenting Center at Abington believe that parenting is the most important and yet the most challenging job any of us can have.

Nonetheless, it receives little support or recognition in our society. There is very little formal training for such a critical job and parents are often isolated and without adequate support networks. The Parenting Center at Abington addresses these needs in our society through a variety of programs and activities that give credit and support to parents for all their efforts to do this most important job well. Program fees are nominal to ensure accessibility to all families.

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To find out more about the many varied and interesting programs at The Parenting Center at Abington, just “knock” on our door.

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November, 2004 News & Views articles available here
"Shifting our Children From Greed to Gratitude"

We invite you to find out more about The Parenting Center at Abington, Pennsylvania, by exploring the pages of this web site, by calling us at 215-576-0586 or just drop us an e-mail and contact us (right here) at Info@ParentingAbington.com

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