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About the Parenting Center

The Director

Audrey Krisbergh, founder of the Parenting Center at Abington, has been involved in the field of Parenting Education since 1991. Her vision of The Parenting Center is to be a place where parents can feel safe, supported and welcome to connect with other parents and to gain information, skills and knowledge that will help them to become the authoritative leaders in their homes that research has shown to be most effective in producing children with a high level of self-esteem, be successful in school, be competent socially and to maintain healthy relationships.

A graduate of Boston University’s School of Education with a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling, Audrey worked in mental health clinics and in schools as a counselor before becoming trained as a Parenting Educator in 1991. She worked as a Parenting Educator with Parents Network in Pennsylvania before founding The Parenting Center at Abington in 1997.She has been a teacher of the Parenting Education training class, mentoring new Parenting Educators, since 1995. She facilitates workshops and leads parent discussion groups at the Parenting Center at Abington as well as overseeing the Center, writing grants, and interfacing with the community.

She has been active in her home community of Abington, Pennsylvania, having been the Co-Chairperson, from 2000 to 2003, of the Abington Community Taskforce (ACT), a non-profit organization within the township that serves as an umbrella organization for civic, social service, educational, business and law enforcement entities that work toward making Abington Township a safe and caring place for children to grow and thrive in. ACT helps to assess current gaps in services and needs in the community as they relate to children and families. It provides a venue for these organizations to collaborate in projects for the benefit of young people and their families in the township. The Parenting Center at Abington is an active member of ACT.

The Assistant Director

Deanna Bosley has been a Certified Parenting Educator since 1990 and Assistant Director of the Parenting Center at Abington since its founding in 1997. In addition to her administrative responsibilities at The Parenting Center, she manages its finances and is coordinator of the Toddler Activity Time program and the Discussion Group for Parents of Children with Special Needs. She is also involved in a number of clinical activities, including facilitating Toddler Activity Time, leading the book previews and workshops, both at The Parenting Center and those held off-site and facilitating parent discussion groups. In addition, Deanna is Editor of New and Views, the Center’s monthly newsletter and writes frequently for it.

Deanna believes that the Parenting Center is a vital resource to families because it offers parents much needed support and information. She feels that each family and each child is unique, and that The Parenting Center’s role is to empower parents through offering support and information so that parents can make their own decisions about how they want to raise their children. It is the connection to other parents, to the Parenting Educators and to the Center that enables parents to make changes and take in new information. Because this relationship develops over time, she feels that parents are most helped when they attend numerous programs and stay involved over a period of time.

Deanna has an MBA from Temple University and prior to having children worked in the non-profit health care industry.

Deanna is an active mother of three and very involved in her children’s schools. She has been a coach of the Odyssey of the Mind project, a girl scout leader and is currently serving as her children’s school PTO President. She is also the Montgomery County Coordinator of ASCEND, the Asbergers Syndrome Children Empower Now with Dignity program.

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