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The 22 certified Parenting Educators who facilitate the programs at the Parenting Center at Abington believe strongly that parenting is the most important job that anyone will do in their lives and that all parents can benefit from parenting education. Each believes that parents deserve credit for the efforts they put into raising their children, that parents are doing the best job they can do, and that parents deserve support and information about healthy child rearing to help them to be more effective in raising their children.
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The Parenting Educators have experience in the field of parenting education ranging from 22 years to 3 years. They have a variety of degrees and pre-parenting education experience; many of the degrees are in related social science fields such as psychology, guidance and counseling, social work, early childhood education, teaching, marriage and family therapy, and adult learning theory.

The common background that all facilitators have is a 24 week training class to specifically become a Parenting Educator. This class includes curriculum dealing with the foundations of emotionally healthy parenting; leadership training, group management and group dynamics; and an apprenticeship and internship program in which the new Parenting Educators are mentored by experienced and certified Parenting Educators.

Each program at The Parenting Center is led by 2 certified Parenting Educators. This ensures that the needs of both individual parents and the group as a whole can be attended to and also provides participants in the program with a balanced perspective on issues.

Most of the work done at the Parenting Center is done on a volunteer basis. The Parenting Educators as well as community volunteers all believe in and support the mission of the Center to create a safe and non-judgmental place for parents to come to meet other parents and to gain information. These volunteers carry on all the duties necessary to ensure that The Center runs smoothly and effectively. This includes administrative duties, marketing and public relations efforts, coordinating programs, fund raising projects and events and community outreach and involvement.

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