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About the Parenting Center

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What is The Parenting Center at Abington?

A safe and nurturing place where parents learn about emotionally healthy parenting and make connections with other parents.

Through the The Parenting Center's programs, parents are free to explore their personal goals for parenting, learn about children and their needs, become aware of healthy ways to interact with children, and learn about health for all family relationships. When parents respond to the challenges of raising a child with thoughtful decision-making, they are more able to build confidence, character and self-esteem in their children.

When parents are prepared and supported, they feel confident and competent, stress levels in the home decrease, conflict is reduced and families become stronger. This process best occurs when there is a reliable way for parents to learn, grow and connect with other parents in a safe and supportive environment. The Parenting Center at Abington provides such an environment.

Parents have the opportunity to share their experiences with other parents so that they realize they are not alone. They also learn how to include in their own personal parenting style the 3 factors that research has shown to be most critical in raising children who are successful academically, socially and personally:

    •     Providing unconditional love and acceptance
    •     Setting firm and clear limits and fair discipline
    •     Encouraging autonomy and independence in their children

Parents learn to incorporate these principles into their relationships with their children in ways that respect each of their children’s unique needs and qualities.

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Our Parenting Educators were trained and continue to receive guidance from Lakeside Educational Network's Parenting Resource and Education Network. Abington Memorial Hospital is our founding sponsor and provides on-going in-kind support of the Parenting Center. In addition, the Parenting Center has the support of the Abington School District and the Abington Police Dept. and we have conducted collaborative programs with both organizations.

The Parenting Center at Abington is a non-profit (501C 3), non-sectarian organization. It is primarily run by the volunteer efforts of many dedicated individuals.
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The Parenting Center at Abington - Offering Education, Support and Networking
Audrey Krisbergh, Director

Deanna Bosley, Assistant Director

Advisory Board Members

Sheila Allen, Supervisor of Secondary Special Education, Abington School District
Bob Allmond, Detective, Community Policing, Abington Township Police Department
Joseph Cirotti, MD, Chairman, Dept. of Pediatrics, Abington Memorial Hospital
Leslie Frankel, MD,Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Abington Memorial Hospital
Saundra Freedman, Former Director of Pupil Services, Abington School District
Rosemary Melnick, MFT, Clinical Director,Parenting Center at Abington
Beth Ann Neill, Director, Public Relations and Marketing, Abington Memorial Hospital
Marianna Owings, Director, Community Health Education, Abington Memorial Hospital
Dr. Joel Schwartz, Chairman, Dept. of Psychiatry, Abington Memorial Hospital
Dr. Amy Sichel, Superintendent of Schools, Abington School District
Gerry Vassar, President, Lakeside Educational Network
Diane Wagenhals, Director, Parenting Resource Network,Lakeside Educational Network
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