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Lending Library
The Parenting Center of Abington

Have you been to a bookstore or library lately to choose a general book on parenting or a book that will deal with a particular subject about parenting?

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of books to select from. How do you choose which ones will answer the questions you have or which ones will be in agreement with your basic philosophies of healthy parenting?

The Parenting Center at Abington has its own library that also contains hundreds of books about parenting. All of these have been carefully selected to address common areas of concern for parents and have been read and reviewed by our Parenting Educators to assure that the suggestions and principles offered in each book is in line with healthy parenting practices.
PCA Lending Library

Parenting Educators are available to discuss your specific concerns and direct you to some of those books that will address your areas of interest. This can make it more likely that the book you select will be helpful to you and meet your specific needs.

Use of the lending library is available to members of The Parenting Center. Membership costs $45 per year per family. For more information about membership, go to the Membership page on this website.

We look forward to seeing you at the library!!

Call us at 215-576-0586 with any questions.

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