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Standard Ground Rules of The Parenting Center at Abington

The ground rules exist to ensure the overall sense of safety for all members and to encourage people to share, explore, grow and learn. Each person is asked to adhere to them.

    •   Everyone is welcome to participate but everyone also has the right to pass.

    •    We agree to respect the values, perspectives and opinions of everyone.

    •    Confidentiality is always preserved.

    •    We are process oriented, not solution oriented - the ultimate decision
         for handling a problem belongs with the parent. There is no one right way to

    •    Group members should be sensitive about the questions they ask each other.

    •    Each person is responsible for letting the group know if he/she has something
         to share.

    •    Everyone remains aware of "air space" and shares it fairly.

    •    Side conversations are kept to a minimum.

    •    We expect children to act like children and we encourage parents to do what
         they need to do to comfort their children.

    •    We focus on the joys and wonders as well as the frustrations and difficulties of

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