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Ways To Get Involved

If you are interested in supporting the work we are doing to help parents and strengthen families, please call us at 215-576-0586.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer?
The Parenting Center warmly welcomes individuals who are interested in volunteering at The Parenting Center. For information about volunteer opportunities available, please call The Parenting Center at Abington at 215-576-0586.

Donations To The Parenting Center of Abington
The Parenting Center at Abington, a registered Pennsylvania not-for-profit organization, is looking for people like you who can help us achieve our mission of providing quality parenting education and support to families.

There are many ways that you can make a contribution to the Center:

    •    toys or games appropriate for infants through school aged

    •    office supplies and equipment.

    •    volunteering time to help with office work and marketing.

    •    through financial donations.
There are a number of levels of giving. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will be used to support the work we do to help parents and families:

             *   Member             $45
             *   Contributor      $46 to $100
             *   Sponsor            $101 to $250
             *   Patron                $201 to $500
             *   Benefactor        $501 or greater

The Parenting Center at Abington is a participant in the United Way Donor Option Program. Please consider directing your next contribution to The Parenting Center at Abington. Please specify our name and code number (12752) when you complete your donor option card.

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